Do you care if copies of your keys are made without your permission? Click here to learn more.

Apples To Apples Guarantee!!!

We have an Apples to Apples Guarantee. Very simply, if someone offers you a lower price, we can beat it. We are a distributor and can pass lower pricing on to you. Why do we do this? All locks and door hardware are by no means created equal. We treat each job as if it were our own. So, we specify product that we would want on our business or home. There are folks out there who specify lower quality or inappropriate product just to get the work. If you receive a price for something that seems to good to be true, let us compare “Apples To Apples” and re-quote the job. You’ll at least have options and the information to make an informed decision.

Safe Clearance!!

All Hayman safes on clearance!! 40% off until they are gone.

Odd Ball Keys

Many folks find us because they’ve tried everywhere else to find duplicates for odd ball keys. Well, we have a load of them. Try us first for your duplicate key needs.

Door Operators

We have been receiving a number of requests lately for automatic door operators. Yes, we do that!

Got U!!!!!

We now have in stock Mul T Lock’s new Got U! door viewer. This is not your grandma’s peephole. Outside is a built in door bell and digital camera. Inside is a flat screen viewer. One model takes a picture when you walk up to the door and stores it on a removable memory card. The other takes a picture when someone rings the bell. Check them out today at our hands on Mul T Lock display.

Mega Master Key System!

Do you carry more than one key for your building? If so,a master key system may be in order. As a Mul T Lock dealer, we have more options for master key systems than anyone. Call today for less stress in your day.

Free 32 Security Review

Take advantage of our FREE 32 Point Security Review for your business or home. We go around looking for the weak spots, just as a burglar would do, and make recommendations to help you stop deadbeats and thieves in their tracks!

Charlottesville Service

We now have a new phone number for our Charlottesville customers. Call 434-282-8762.

Commercial Chain Account Program

We are excited to introduce a program specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial customers who have two or more retail locations. Do you experience inconsistent service, unreasonable pricing, slow response times or no availability after hours? We offer consistent, reliable service with one discounted service call for all locations with 24/7 availability. It’s simple to start, just call today and let us take one worry and aggravation off of your plate.

Uncommon peace of mind and control……..

What do you get when you combine world class locks, dedicated professional service and nearby availability? Uncommon peace of mind and control! We are a dealer for Mul T Lock High Security Locks. Together we offer patented restricted keys that you can use for you business or home, padlocks, wireless access control locks and more. Get the peace of mind and control you deserve today.