Wholesale Hardware

Attention maintenance managers and construction companies: Did your hardware supplier leave you high and dry? We are distributor for Cal Royal. They make better quality locks than the name brands at a lower price. Let us offer you a FREE sample and catalog. Call Roger today at 433-4007.

A Time For Reflection

At this time of year we here at Precision Locksmith Company are reminded of things for which we should be thankful. We are continually grateful for our customer’s business. Most importantly, we are thankful for the trust placed in us to help secure your businesses and homes. It is something no other trade or business gets to do and it’s what drives us everyday. Here’s to stopping deadbeats and thieves in their tracks all year round!

STOP Deadbeats & Thieves!!

Do you just want to feel better about your business or home security? If so, you can just use the contractor locks and keys that come standard with your door, lock up and hope for the best. Or, you can take the threat that criminals pose seriously and install serious locks and door hardware meant to stop them in their tracks. Call 540-433-4007 now for our FREE 32 Point Security Audit to reveal the weak spots that burglars look for. By the way, you do know that the vast majority hardware supplied by contractors has everything to do with profit margin and little to do with security, right?

Do you care????

Do you care if copies of your business or house keys are made without your knowledge and permission? If you do, there is only one solution…..patented, restricted keys from Medeco and Mul T Lock. Call now to find out how easy is it to start down the road to peace of mind!

Masterkey Systems

Do you carry too many keys for your facility? Would you like it if you only needed one key to access the doors you needed to get into? If that sounds appealing you may want to consider a master key system. We have advanced capabilities to solve your key problems.

Card Access Control

Ever wonder if someone is accessing your building without you knowing? Are there too many keys out there? You can rekey your locks, and that works okay for some situations. Card access control can help you solve a host of security problems. See who is coming in and

Commercial Steel Doors

We now carry commercial steel doors! These are 18 ga. galvanized and closer reinforced. We have standard sizes with popular hinge and lock preps in stock! Others are only three days away. Call today.

Commercial Security Specialist

We have added several technical capabilities to make us your go to resource for all things related to commercial security. Restricted keys, high security locks, panic bars, door closers, and now …….replacement steel doors!

Door Hardware

Door hardware (lever locks, ┬áknob locks, deadbolts, panic bars, door closers) can be expensive. Cheap ones can be even more expensive in the long run. You need to know Cal Royal. They make retrofit door hardware to replace Schlage, Corbin Russwin, Yale, Sargent and others for approximately 50% less. No need to worry about the quality. Many times Cal Royal exceeds the original manufacturer’s performance. Call us today to find out more.

Too many keys for the church?

Does everyone in town have a key for your church? Is that causing things to come up missing and hampering your church’s mission?

You don’t have to deal with that. Give access to those who need it and keep out those who are negatively affecting your church. Call today for our FREE 12 Point Access Control Audit.