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Stand Alone Card Access Lock

We are excited to announce that we now have a stand alone card access lock. This lock uses proximity cards or NFC enabled phones to open it. It also comes with a key bypass as well as numerous other features. Call today for a demo!

Remote head key repair!

Did you know that if your remote head key is broken that many times we can repair it? We have the parts to replace many shells/key blades while using your old key’s electronics. Many times this is 50% less, or more, than replacing the entire key.

Best, better, or good?

Our true desire is for you to have the best locks in the world to help you stop deadbeats and thieves in their tracks. However, I realize that not everyone knows the difference between a bad lock and a world class one. Or they may not care. Or, it might not be in the budget. The real world sometimes gets in the way of the ideal. That’s okay. Precision will be there for you and meet your needs. Do you want the best? Let me show you Mul T Lock or Medeco. Are you looking for something just a little better? I’ll show you Mul T Lock and Medeco, then let’s look at Cal Royal commercial grade. Do you want the cheapest thing possible? Let’s talk about Mul T Lock, Medeco, Cal Royal and lastly our economy line. Information in your hand is the key to all of this. You need to know what is out there. Then we can help you get whatever suits your needs.

Fast Service>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The security business can be a strange field to work in at times. Over the years it seems as though I’ve seen it all, but I know that it’s way too early to make that call. For our customers it all boils down to this: their problem is the most important problem in the world and it needs to be fixed now. We understand that. That is exactly the reason we stock so much product. We have more in stock and ready to go than any other locksmith business I have ever seen. We do it for you, so you can forget about your locks.

Enter the Safe Zone

One of the new products we found while becoming factory certified for Norton door operators was something I’ve never seen before. It’s called the Safe Zone. Safe Zone basically works like a regular door closer but with one important add on feature. It keeps the door open while someone is detected in the door way! Think about older folks moving slowly through a door or employees who need to push a cart through a doorway. This product keeps the door open to help prevent knockdown injuries as well as carts from tearing up the door and frame. Call today for your Safe Zone.

Safe Clearance!!!!

All safes now 50% off. There is still a good selection available, but they won’t last long.

Thank you!!!!

Your support helps us support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Wounded Warrior Project and the Salvation Army. Thank you.

Safe Clearance!!!

All in stock Hayman safes are further reduced to 45% off of list price. There is still a good selection of fire, gun, burglary and fire/burglary units, but they won’t last long at these prices.

Apples To Apples Guarantee!!!

We have an Apples to Apples Guarantee. Very simply, if someone offers you a lower price, we can beat it. We are a distributor and can pass lower pricing on to you. Why do we do this? All locks and door hardware are by no means created equal. We treat each job as if it were our own. So, we specify product that we would want on our business or home. There are folks out there who specify lower quality or inappropriate product just to get the work. If you receive a price for something that seems to good to be true, let us compare “Apples To Apples” and re-quote the job. You’ll at least have options and the information to make an informed decision.

Safe Clearance!!

All Hayman safes on clearance!! 40% off until they are gone.