Do you care if copies of your keys are made without your permission? Click here to learn more.


  1. Can you program “chip” keys & remotes or do I have to go to the dealer? Yes, we can for almost all makes and models. There are some exceptions.
  2. Do I have to replace my locks or can you change what key works in them? We can just rekey your locks so the old key will no longer work.
  3. Should I buy locks from you or the big box store? Definitely from us. We don’t carry anything that is in the big box stores. The quality is better, the cost is many times about the same or lower, we custom key our product at no charge and our locks are covered for parts and labor with our 90 day limited warranty. 
  4. Aren’t all deadbolts about the same? No. Just come by our shop and compare a Mul T Lock Hercular to a standard contractor deadbolt in your hands and you’ll instantly see the difference.
  5. I want my keys stamped “Do Not Duplicate”. Can you do that? Unfortunately that does nothing to prevent unauthorized copies of your keys from being made. The key can be covered in a dozen or so ways so no one can see it and key cutters would have to honor it. If you would like keys that can’t be copied without your permission then Mul T Lock restricted keys are the answer. It’s not that others won’t copy them it’s that they can not copy them. Only you and the people you list as authorized can get copies made after showing ID.
  6. I lost the key to my car. Can you help me? Yes, most likely. We routinely go onsite to replace and program lost car keys. You can also save some money and have your vehicle towed to our shop. Please call for cost and availability.
  7. How do you become a locksmith? Locksmithing is one of the few trades left that usually require an apprenticeship of some kind. There are schools and courses available, but for someone to be effective they need years of hands on training and experience under the supervision of a seasoned technician. Successful locksmiths usually have a mechanical background, are curious but careful, and possess a strong work ethic.
  8. How do I know that I can trust you? Great question. In Virginia, we are required to have an FBI and State Police background check that includes fingerprints. Background checks are renewed every two years. In addition, company owners and officers undergo the same scrutiny. We actively lobbied for this law and assisted in getting it passed because we care about our profession and the trust we hold.