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Restricted Keys

Ordinary keys can be a serious security risk.


Your locks and keys are out of date. Most locks use technology from the 1800’s!


Did you know??……..
1. Ordinary keys can be copied in minutes at a hardware or big box store.

2. Photos of your key can be taken in less than ten seconds then uploaded and ordered.

3. Stamping “Do Not Duplicate” on a key does nothing to stop copies from being made. There are more than ten ways to cover it up on a key, assuming someone would honor it in the first place. There is no law or regulation stopping anyone from making as many copies as they want.

Take control and have peace of mind. Updated patented, restricted keys are the answer.

Patented, effectice restricted keys can be used in:

-Lever locks and door knobs

-Storefront doors

-Panic bars

-Padlocks, cabinets & more

Copies of keys can only be made by you and those you authorize with photo ID.


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