Do you care if copies of your keys are made without your permission? Click here to learn more.


Let us help you with long lasting, easy to use locks!


Real home security starts with properly installed, high security deadbolts.


Alarms and cameras are great for after a break-in occurs, but wouldn’t you rather keep criminals on the other side of the door?

85% of burglars enter through a door.*

*According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report

How? They kick it in, use an unauthorized key or bypass it using lock picks/bump keys.

We can help you stop burglars and thieves from ruining your home and stealing your peace of mind with:

  • Rekey service after you move in or when someone unwanted has a key.
  • Deadbolts – We have the best deadbolts in the world – Mul T Lock Hercular & MX.
  • Replacement of old, worn out and hard to use locks with updated knobs, levers and deadbolts.
  • Installation of door jamb armor for even more security. This stuff is tough!
  • We offer UL437 rated high security, restricted key medium security and standard low security deadbolts.
  • Special order safes, safe openings and repairs.

Ask us how you can never be locked out. It’s all about the hardware.